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Tania Nightengale.

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~koala tea


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ur a guy running a rp?


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Samantha Hart Audition! Accepted!

OOC Information.
ooc name: Kris
Time Zone: EST
activity level (1-10) 8
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IC Information.
Name of the role:  Samantha Hart 
Any changes? I like her.
Para Sample: (The best Para you have ever written. Can be from any RP) (This is one I wrote recently. I don’t typically write this much though.) Evangeline was drained. This war between families gave her a headache, and she wasn’t even involved. Just watching from the sidelines and dealing with the bickering and threats was stressful enough, then add on the constant pressure from her family members about how she should be more involved. It was both physically and emotionally exhausting. She hated the Malone’s and everything they stood for. What Connor had done to her cousin? Over the line. At the same time, she didn’t stand by the murder of Austin Malone either. That was devastating, seeing somebody die so young. She had meant what she said to her cousin. This war wasn’t going to end until every single one of them were dead. They didn’t care who was hurt or what the consequences would be. both families were just blood thirsty at this point. It was a no win situation for any party involved.

She had the day off, and needed some kind of stress relief. She wanted to get away from everything. The war, the Malone’s, even her own family. She really wasn’t trying to impress anyone since she wasn’t going anywhere near the Dollhouse, so she opted for a pair of skinny jeans and a long sleeve blouse. She pulled her yellow peacoat on over her outfit and slipped into her most comfortable pair of boots, then headed out of the door with no real destination in mind. She figured she’d end up somewhere. Once outside, she called for a cab and slipped inside, thinking for a second. “Just take me to LeSalle street, please.” She sunk into the seat, getting her wallet out. She pulled some cash out, and thanked the driver once they got there.

Stepping out, she shoved her hands and wallet into her pocket, and looked up and down the street. She chewed on the inside of her cheek as she contemplated on where to go. She ended up walking North, and sighed when she saw the Starbucks across the street. That would due for now. She carefully maneuvered across the street, weaving through traffic, and headed inside. She ordered herself a venti caramel mocha, then bit her lip as she leaned against the corner to wait. Once she had her drink, she held it in both hands as she turned to look for an empty table. It was quite busy, and they were all occupied. With a groan she started towards the door, until she spotted a familiar face.

Both eyebrows raising, she glanced around to look for any other familiar faces. Once she realized she was in the clear, she approached the table. She knew she was safe since she was in a very crowded place, and the girl seemed harmless enough either way. She took the seat across from her, flashing the girl a quick smile. “Fancy seeing you here.” She pursed her lips before bringing her drink to them and taking a long sip. She stayed silent for a moment before speaking up again. “Whatsup?” She glanced around trying to avoid the awkwardness of the current situation.

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Ashley Walden.

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If you join and you are a male, i am sure the ladies will love you down ;)

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Males! We NEED you!

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hi nicholas. are there any more female roles coming up?

heeeeey greyface. And yes, but we need to get the males filled first. the ratio of guys to girls is crazy.

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If You Want the Role of Samantha Hart,

Please send in a para sample in the perspective of Samantha.

credits to the kaity rper

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